Dogs | Cats | May 17, 2013

10 life lessons we can learn from our pets

A dog sitting in a car

Life lessons do not always come the easy way, but if there is one place you can find them, it’s through your pets. Our pets teach us to live simply, love generously, care deeply, and speak kindly. Embracing the idea of living life like your pets can open up your world, help you savour every moment, and enjoy every day.

Petcurean’s Top 10 Life Lessons (as learned by our pets):

1. Always greet your loved ones with a warm, friendly welcome.

2. Never pass up the opportunity to be spontaneous, go for a joyride, or play.

3. Get some fresh air…and enjoy it!

4. Relax when you feel like it.

5. Be active every day.

6. On warm days, take time to lay in the grass and enjoy the breeze.

7. On hot days, drink lots of water.

8. When you’re happy, show it! Wag, wigglebum, and dance your way through the day.

9. Take joy in simple delights.

10. Be loyal; stick close to the ones that you love.

Every interaction with our dogs and cats helps us lead healthier and happier lives, to “live in the now”, and the world just seems a whole lot nicer. So let’s thank them!