Dogs | Your Success Stories | July 14, 2020

A Happy (and Shiny) Bassador Tail: Tubbs’ Story

Success Story - Tubbs

This success story comes to you from Tubbs, a quirky Bassador (Basset and Labrador mix), and her owner Barry.  Tubbs journeyed across North America to finally find her forever parents, who knew they needed a quality food to feed their new insatiable canine companion.  After receiving a recommendation for  GO! SOLUTIONS, Barry started feeding Tubbs  GO! SOLUTIONS SENSITIVITIES LIMITED INGREDIENT Grain Free Lamb Recipe and was amazed at the results! Here is Barry and Tubbs’ story.

In a nutshell, Tubbs’ transformation is one of finding her forever home after a long period unfortunately of being passed from shelter to shelter. She was born and spent the early years of her life in Texas, found her way to LA where she was rescued by my wife on her last day before being euthanized. We flew her from LA to Canada, where she now resides with us.

Tubbs is a Bassador (Basset/Lab mix) from Texas with a long spine, short legs and a voracious appetite leading to a propensity for back issues and weight gain. We tried a bag of GO! kibble on a recommendation from a dog park friend and have never looked back!

GO! SOLUTIONS has provided her the pet nutrition stability she needed to develop and shine as a vibrant and happy 7 year old who loves her off-leash walks, play, socializing and swimming. She is truly a clown who makes us laugh constantly. As a Bassador (Basset and Lab) mix, she truly exudes the characteristics of both breeds we have thoroughly enjoyed. GO! has helped her maintain a healthy weight and provided the nutritional needs she lacked in the past while in shelters or short stints in foster homes.

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I highly recommend switching to GO! SOLUTIONS. You’ll experience health and vitality in your pet, while having the peace of mind knowing you are feeding your loved one a high quality product they will enjoy.  She now has all the love, stability and nutritional excellence every dog needs and deserves in order to be their very best!