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A tale of two pups – guest blog by Chris Milo

Chis Milo

There are some pretty high profile pups eating Petcurean food! Take for instance, Boss and Stella. They are Chris Milo’s best furry friends and they love their NOW FRESH!. Boss and Stella share their home with Chris, place kicker for the Ottawa RedBlacks of the Canadian Football League. Read on to hear their story.

My name is Chris Milo, current member of the Ottawa RedBlacks. I’ve been associated with Petcurean since March of 2015 and what a partnership it has been so far! A little more about our dogs and our journey below.

My wife Veronique and I are proud owners of two beautiful German Shepherd dogs named Boss & Stella. Boss is now three and a half years old weighing 105lbs and Stella is one and a half weighing 75lbs.

Boss and Stella were both born in MacDowell, SK. We’ve had them in our home since they were 8 weeks old and were able to train them and bring them up to the best of our abilities. Truly they are fantastic dogs and we really couldn’t have asked for better ones.


Just like humans have their own personalities and habits, our dogs are no different. It was always so difficult to find the right food for Boss as he grew older because he always seemed to get tired of what we were giving him. So that being said, every 2-3 months we were on a mission to find a different product for him. One of my great friends; who is also a German Shepherd owner, recommended we try NOW FRESH by Petcurean. His little guy had been on the food ever since he was a puppy and he absolutely loves it. So I figured we’d give it a shot and see what happens. Well, as you can imagine, we haven’t looked back since! We’ve honestly never seen Boss happier for feeding time! When we started him on the NOW FRESH in March, Boss weighed about 92lbs, but his weight fluctuated because we were always changing his food. As I mentioned above, he is now a healthy 105lbs and his weight has been steady for a few months. His coat has never been this beautiful and really, he is such a happy pup! All this is thanks to the Petcurean food we give him.


What to say about our little Stella? Well, to be quite honest, she hasn’t had it easy. She was the runt of the litter and always last at the food bowl, but that didn’t stop us from bringing her home because she was by far the most beautiful. Soon enough, we found that she developed some food allergies and, like Boss, we tried every different product available to us to find one she wouldn’t react to. Well, our Nutritionist at Petcurean had the idea of putting her on the GO! Limited Ingredient Venison recipe, since all the other foods we tried were poultry based. We had her on that for two months and her allergies were less frequent, her coat was getting better and her rashes were slowly going away! So until May, we had her on the GO! Venison but she slowly trickled into Boss’s NOW FRESH Large Breed recipe and well, what a girl wants, a girl gets! And she is loving it! Stella was always a little girl, weighing just under 65lbs before being fed Petcurean products. She is now 75lbs and growing! Ideally, we would love for her to gain about 10 more pounds, and if she continues eating the way she does, we shouldn’t have a problem!

P.S. When both these beauties are behaving extra well, we like to treat them to some GO! wet food in order to spice things up a little! Usually we give them the GO! SENSITIVITY + SHINE Duck Pate cans that we mix in with their NOW FRESH Large Breed. The dogs love it and it gives them their just reward for being a good boy and girl.

An enormous thank you has to go out to Petcurean and their staff for allowing our dogs to be a part of their family and for allowing them to lead happy, healthy, nutritious lives!

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for an update on how our pups are doing very shortly!

Chris Milo

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