Cats | January 24, 2018

Adventure Cats: Feeding Our Picky Kitties

Cat with Gather

Petcurean recently teamed up with Lindsay Richards and Iain Roby (aka Adventures of Fish and Chips). Lindsay and Iain are pet parents to two adventure cats named Fish and Chips. This family of four loves to spend their spare time together on road trips, hikes, camping, car rides and so much more. In this guest blog they discuss how they chose the right food for their picky kitties!

Prior to bringing Fish and Chips into our lives, we did some research into what food or foods would be best for both them, as well as the lifestyle they would be getting into. Initially we looked into feeding them a raw food diet. After some thought and some more research, we decided that bringing the raw food with us, or preparing it while we’re travelling or road-tripping, would become quite cumbersome and at times inconvenient. We looked at a few other options such as food that has been freeze-dried that you rehydrate to prior to feeding, as well as a few other regular dry kibble brands and recipes. When they were younger, we decided to feed them a food that was part kibble and part freeze-dried raw bits. We combined this with some wet food each day to keep their diet balanced. The cats both really enjoyed the food and they were totally healthy. Over time however, they began searching through the kibble and picking out only the freeze-died bits. Once the yummy bits were gone they would leave the bowl sometimes 2/3 full of kibble and meow at us for a refill. This may have been in part our fault since the treats we were feeding them were also small freeze-dried bites. Along with them becoming picky eaters, we also found they were starting to pack on a few extra pounds…even with their active lifestyle. After a few months of trying to regulate their food (which can be difficult with multiple animals who have very different eating habits) we decided it was time to look for a different option.

Our search continued with basically the same stipulations as the first time. We were looking for a food that was as similar to their natural diet as possible. We wanted something that was free of by-products, fillers, and grains but we also wanted a company that we could trust and that put a focus on sustainability and organically sourced ingredients. A food with a slightly lower protein and fat content was also ideal given the weight our kitties had been acquiring, despite all of their adventures. As fate would have it, during our search, a company approached us that we were both familiar with and respected, Petcurean. Not only did they have a good reputation for creating high quality pet foods, they are also headquartered in British Columbia not far from where we grew up. This seemed like a great opportunity to promote not only a product that was great for our kitties, but also to support a local company whose product is produced in a sustainable manner using great ingredients.

Although they have a few different types of foods for both cats and dogs, their newest and the one that interested us the most is called GATHER Free Acres. The Free Acres recipe so far has been great for both cats. As stated before, prior to switching foods both kitties were very healthy, however we have noticed a few positive changes since switching brands. Some of the foods we were feeding them when they were young were based on fish as a main ingredient. The cats quite enjoyed it, but it did cause them to have some pretty stinky breath. Most of the time that’s no big deal, but for us, spending hours at a time in the car with two smelly lap cats isn’t the most desirable thing. After the switch to GATHER, we have noticed their breath has been far more tolerable. We think a lot of this is thanks to the certified organic free-range chicken used as a main ingredient. A second bonus has been how soft their coats have been since we switched foods. They have always been very soft but we have noticed a definite improvement in the condition of their fur and skin with GATHER. Energy levels are great as always and they love the taste of the recipe. We couldn’t even get the first bag home from the pet store before they had ripped into it!

All of this being said the type of food your kitty eats, whether it’s raw, wet, dry or whatever else, can be very specific to your cat and should be chosen to fit his or her needs. We would definitely recommend trying GATHER for your cat, however you should absolutely speak to your veterinarian if your cat has any specific requirements to make sure it’s a good fit. We just want to share our experiences so hopefully we can help you make a healthy choice for your furry friend!

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