Dogs | Your Success Stories | August 11, 2016

An Amazing Transformation: Jinx’s Story

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Petcurean has recipes that are great for all dogs, but our GO! line was formulated especially for dogs with specific dietary needs and food sensitivities! This success story features Brian Jones and his dog Jinx, who has seen AMAZING transformations with our GO! SENSITIVITY + SHINE  line. Read Jinx’s story below and for more information on the Petcurean Difference, please visit here.

I’m writing to tell you the incredible difference your GO! SOLUTIONS dog food has made to our dog.

Jinx is a 13 year old Border Collie. She’s been declining in her health which we put down to her age. However, recently she went through a period of two weeks of having messy poops in our house in the middle of the night. She was distressed about this. She was lethargic and her coat was very wiry and old looking. We felt that she was probably not going to be with us long and we started to prepare our kids.

I went to Pet Valu to see if they had a product that might help with her stomach sensitivity. We knew this was a progressing problem as for the past year any time we gave her food scraps it ended up with me steam cleaning the rug.

The “Sensitivity and Shine” on the package appealed to me. So did the $10 off! So I bought a small bag. Within 2 days her nightly messes stopped. A few more days and my wife called me to look out the window to see her rolling around the grass like a puppy! It was a sweet moment. Now it’s been a month and her coat is truly shiny and looks so much younger! She’s got more pep and she hasn’t had an accident since in that month. The transformation is amazing!

I also like that I can feed the same food to both of our dogs, the other being a young Papillon. Both dogs are much more enthusiastic about eating. It is very remarkable… Jinx actually runs to her bowl in the morning now!! She didn’t show much interest when I filled her bowl before. Thanks for making such a good product!

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