Dogs | January 19, 2017

Animal Coalition Unlimited; Rescuing Pee Dee’s Pups

It’s been said that “we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” which is true for all animal rescue volunteers and the amount of love and time they give to animals in need. A perfect example of this sentiment is Regina Chris from Animal Coalition Unlimited which is based in Portland, Oregon.

We came in contact with Regina when she shared the story of Pee Dee, a dog they rescued who was abandoned in a hospital parking lot.  It wasn’t until after she was rescued that they discovered Pee Dee was pregnant and she subsequently gave birth to 10 puppies!  They are all now looking for forever homes, so if you are interested in adopting one of these pups please contact [email protected].

After hearing Pee Dee’s story we knew we had to do something to help out this momma in need. So, we sprinkled a little Petcurean love over Pee Dee and her newly-born pups and will be sponsoring and feeding the whole family until they are settled in their new homes.

We will be following Pee Dee and her pups along the way to give updates on their progress and adoption. So, follow this remarkable story on our social media channels (look out for #PeeDeesPups) to watch how these puppies grow and learn more about Animal Coalition Unlimited’s “Foster to Adopt” program.

We sat down with Regina to ask some questions about their rescue and the amazing work they do.

How did Animal Coalition Unlimited come to be?

Regina: We started our volunteer group in 2014; simply when we came across several dogs that were abandoned and forgotten. We then realized that if we really wanted to help, we would need to bail out the enormous bills left behind by the people who abandoned those dogs. Moving forward into actions, we then started organizing some private online auctions to raise the needed funds; and with the help from many of our followers all over the country, we were able to help and bail those dogs out from their boarding facilities and transport them to the Pacific NW.

Tell us about your “Foster to Adopt” program?

Regina: With this concept, we created a system that is working on what is in the best interests of the dogs. The new owners get to foster their pet for a period of time, to make sure it is a good fit for both the human and the pet, before officially adopting them. Unlike most rescue organizations, we don’t charge any adoption fees, when we place the dogs into their potential adopter through this program. We figured that the dogs would have their best chance to be a part of a good family, without putting too much pressure on the adopters right off the bat. However, we do have some specific specifications in enrolling the potential adopters into our Foster to Adopt program. Mainly, the potential adopters must be capable of taking care of the dogs for any of their future medical needs.

With this program, we are also able to continue monitoring the ongoing progress of our dogs, for approximately a 6 months trial period. Our success rate with this program is very high; and we have built a stronger foster community from it.

How did Pee Dee come into your care and what did you do once you found out she was pregnant?

Regina: Pee Dee came to our group, due to a lack of interest from other rescue organizations in Northern CA to help her. We were ready to help one dog (Pee Dee) but her pregnancy was totally unexpected. However, we were not going to abort her unborn pups, just for convenience.

Our vet Dr. Hoffman, at the Lake Grove Vet, provided us with enormous assistance from the day he broke the news about Pee Dee’s pregnancy. Pee Dee was totally neglected and malnourished, being 5 weeks pregnant. We needed to quickly restore the missing nutrients in her tiny body, in order to help her give birth to healthy pups.

What made you decide to start feeding Pee Dee Petcurean?

Regina: With the info that our vet provided, we then started looking for the best quality puppy food options out there, and we came across the Petcurean brand. After just a little bit over a week, we saw incredible progress in her, we then decided to write to the founder of your company and share her story.

We’ll be reporting on the progress of Pee Dee and her pups so follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on this amazing story.

Fun fact: Pee Dee was given her name by Regina because her markings reminded her of Petey the dog from classic television series The Little Rascal’s. However, that name was not suitable for a female dog. After tossing around some ideas surrounding that concept, she finally came up with Pee Dee which originally comes from the Catawba Native American language; meaning Smart and Beautiful.