News & Events | April 11, 2015

Announcing two new Petcurean product lines – NOT FRESH™ and STOP!™

April's fool petcurean foods bags

Announcing two new Petcurean product lines – NOT FRESH™ and STOP!™

Say ‘goodbye’ to nutritious and ‘hello’ to delicious!

After conducting extensive consumer research, Petcurean is launching two new product lines which celebrate Pet Parents and their desire to give into the yearnings of their four-legged family members:

Introducing NOT FRESH™ and STOP!™ by Petcurean. Created for pets who love table scraps and old leftovers or who want to spend more time sleeping than being active.


We’ve sourced only the finest leftovers, freshly harvested from the tables of families around British Columbia and packaged up so that they’re NOT FRESH™ for the bowls of your loved ones.

Introducing: NOT FRESH™ Fat n’ Scraps recipe for dogs and NOT FRESH™ Fish Skins n’ Scraps recipe for cats

Petcurean NOT FRESH™ – Nothing makes them rollover like yesterday’s leftovers


Our new STOP!™ formulations are cut from the most calorie-dense ingredients we can find to make sure that there’s less pounce and more ounce in your pet’s lifestyle.

Introducing: STOP!™ LETHARGIC + LAZY Beef Dip recipe for dogs and STOP!™ SLEEP + SNOOZE Turkey Dinner with Extra Stuffing recipe for cats

Petcurean STOP!™ – Keeping calories high to let sleeping dogs (and cats!) lie

PLEASE NOTE: This was an April Fool post from your friends at Petcurean… 😉