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Catching Up With Underdog Ali Larter

Ali Larter

This past summer we ran our first Uplift the Underdog contest where we aimed to increase adoption for dogs who were having a harder time finding a forever home due to age, appearance or other issues. We received so many amazing nominations, but ultimately the winner was Ali Larter from the Motley Zoo Animal Rescue in Redmond, WA.

Although Ali received the highest number of votes she is still in search of her forever family. We spoke with Jme and Pate from Motley Zoo Animal Rescue to learn more about this precious pup and what type of family and home she is still in need of.

Q: Can you tell us a little about Ali for those who don’t know her?

A: Ali Larter is a Husky mix and is one year old. As a product of backyard breeding, she was born blind. Once she was welcomed to the Motley Zoo Animal Rescue, she had to have her eyes removed due to the pain they were causing.

As a husky, she is energetic, a pack dog, very vocal and an escape artist (yes, you heard that right!). She also has a congenital heart defect, which will need to be monitored for the duration of her life; and unlike her eyes, this cannot be taken care of surgically.

Q: What is it like to live with a blind dog?

A: It’s not as hard as people think. Ali figures things out all on her own, she’s very smart and navigates just fine. She plays in a busy dog daycare everyday and fits in with the pack just great. The only obstacle would really be stairs since she hasn’t been around them a lot, but that is something that the right person could work with her on.

Q: What kind of family would Ali be best suited for?

A: Well first off, a family that already has a dog or multiple dogs. She can be a little timid and unsure and while she does love people, she requires another dog who will be her constant companion. A dog with the patience to be stepped on, having another dog constantly in their face, and with no guarding tendencies, since Ali cannot read dog body language.

A home with older children would be best (12 and older preferred). Also, a house with a fenced yard where she can explore and learn her boundaries. She absolutely loves to be outside!
Overall, Ali needs a patient family that has experience with dogs. A family who is willing to learn and understand a blind dog and grow a relationship with her.

Q: What makes Ali so special?

A: People are always so shocked to learn she is blind. At doggy daycare she comes and makes friends with ALL of the dogs. She has no problem keeping up with the other dogs and once people see that she is blind their jaws drop to the floor. She is resilient, determined, smart and learns very quickly. Once she gets to know you, you can tap your foot and she will follow.

We love Ali and want to find the perfect home and family for her.

If you think you have the perfect home for Ali Larter please contact [email protected] to Uplift this deserving Underdog. Visit for more details on our latest Cat Edition contest.