Dogs | May 23, 2019

DIY Dog Toy in 6 Simple Steps

DIY Dog Toy

If you’ve been spring cleaning and realized you have some old t-shirts that just aren’t hitting that style marker anymore, then this DIY project is perfect for you! Instead of just tossing the t-shirts or donating them, you can reuse them and craft together a new toy for your four-legged best friend. It’s sustainable and a fun weekend project!

Scroll down and follow our 6 easy steps below on how to make your very own DIY dog toy.

What You’ll Need:

  • Two old t-shirts (preferably crew neck or V-neck)
  • Scissors

DIY dog toy in 6 simple steps:

DIY Dog Toy - Step 1
DIY Dog Toy - Step 2

Step 1

Get two different coloured cotton t-shirts and some scissors

Step 2-3

Cut 2-3 inch wide slits along the bottom hem of your shirts

DIY Dog Toy - Step 3
DIY Dog Toy - Step 4

Step 4

Rip along each slit to create the strips. Reserve two strips to tie at each end of the dog toy

Step 5

Gather all strips together and use one of the reserved strips to tie them tightly together

DIY Dog Toy - Step 5
DIY Dog Toy - Step 6

Step 6

Separate the strips into three equal sections and braid together. When you get near the end of the fabric use the second reserved strip to tie the ends together tightly. Cut off any uneven pieces of fabric. Now go play with your dog!

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