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Dog Dandruff Be Gone: Vimy’s Story

Dog Dandruff Be Gone: Vimy's Story

This success story focuses on Vimy, a black Labrador who was experiencing dog food sensitivity symptoms, such as itchy skin and excessive scratching. Both Vimy’s itchy skin and frequent dog dandruff was causing concern for his pet parents, and was creating discomfort for Vimy himself. After a lot of due diligence and research from Lyssa (Vimy’s dog mom), she bought some of our GO! SOLUTIONS SKIN + COAT CARE Salmon Recipe to test out. This is Lyssa’s story about finding GO! SOLUTIONS for Vimy: 

“Our purebred black Labrador Vimy was born on Remembrance Day (November 11th) two years ago, and when we adopted him, we named him in honour of Vimy Ridge. He has been the best little addition to our family ever, and of course being very loving pet parents, we wanted to make sure we fed him the very best food possible from the get-go.

When we first got him, we noticed he had very bad dandruff and was extremely itchy all the time, so at our first checkup, our vet recommended we put him on a high-end brand of “Grain Free” and “Poultry Free” food, as chicken or turkey seemed to inflame his skin into rashes.

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We were told to try a certain competitor dog food, and had him on that for about a year and a half.  While we still noticed the dandruff, the constant paw-licking, scratching and the odd rash – we thought these were just side-effects of having allergies and that we really couldn’t help him much more than we already were.

We thought we were doing the right thing by just giving medication and staying away from poultry. But about 6 months ago, I started to research different food brands in the marketplace.  I wanted to feed him a good quality food that was Canadian made, but that had grains and was still poultry-free. My local pet store recommended I look at Petcurean brands of food, so I reached out to the Petcurean team.  After emailing the customer care team, they recommended I try the GO! SOLUTIONS SKIN + COAT CARE Salmon Recipe and we decided to give it a try.

Almost immediately after getting and feeding Vimy the first bag of food, we noticed a HUGE difference in our dog. Not only did he seem happier and brighter, but he no longer suffers from itchy, flaky skin and terrible rashes, or is spending hours licking and chewing at his paws.

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Our vet told us that he would just likely suffer with allergies off and on throughout his life, but I’m extremely happy to say that since we switched his food he’s SO MUCH happier and more energetic. And we haven’t had to give him allergy medication ONCE since starting to feed him GO! SOLUTIONS.

Success Story - Vimy (In-line)

His coat is super shiny and smooth and people now ask us all the time what brand of food we feed him, as he looks like a show dog!

Thank you SO MUCH to Petcurean for providing a wonderful Canadian brand of food that I feel extremely happy and confident giving to my beloved dog for the rest of his (hopefully) long life. I have told so many people our story, and I hope that many other pet parents like us make the switch.”

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