Dogs | Your Success Stories | April 17, 2017

Feeding a Vegan Diet: Nelly’s Story


This success story features Nelly and her pet parent Lisa, who started feeding Nelly our GATHER Endless Valley Vegan recipe and has since noticed positive results! Read Nelly’s story below and for more information on GATHER recipes, please visit here.

Nelly was just a tiny five pound baby when I found her on the street in Cancun, Mexico. She was all alone. I couldn’t leave her. Now almost ten years later, she is proud to be a Canadian dog. I am vegan for ethical reasons. After doing my research, I decided to transition Nelly to a vegan diet as well. I am not a dog nutritionist, so I started feeding her a high quality, non-GMO, vegan kibble mixed with a little vegan canned food. She easily made the transition. She has nutritionally balanced dog food for breakfast and a home cooked meal for dinner. This dog really loves her food. I was very excited about Petcurean GATHER because it is not only Non-GMO but also made with organically grown ingredients. I care about what I eat and buy organic for myself whenever possible, so why would I do anything different for my best friend?!?

Nelly was interested as soon as I opened the bag. I gave her a little to try. After a short sniff inspection, she tried a piece. She loved it. She finished the entire bowl and asked for more, and this is a dog who never eats plain, dry kibble. Nelly is thriving on her vegan diet! She is ten years old but doesn’t look it, and she has never been sick a day in her life. A plant based diet can easily provide everything that a dog needs to be healthy. Petcurean now makes the best option for me and GATHER Endless Valley gives Nelly complete and balanced nutrition and she really does love it!

We are what we eat, and so are our pets. Nelly is my best friend so I want to give her the best. There is nothing more important than good nutrition. Don’t try to pinch pennies when it comes to your dog’s food. I want Nelly to have a long, healthy life, so I feed her the best food that I can, and for me that is Petcurean GATHER Endless Valley. I am certain that a healthy diet will keep her with me for many years.

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