Your Success Stories | September 20, 2018

From Park Stray to Pack Leader: Mason’s Story

Recently, we teamed up with the Toronto Wolfpack to find their “Leader of the Pack” official canine ambassador for the 2018 season. We caught up with the winner Mason and his mom Jenna, to hear the incredible story of how he ended up living in Canada and how our GO! SENSITIVITY + SHINE Duck Recipe has changed his life.

Mason was a stray in Houston before he was rescued. He’s seen hunger, Hurricane Harvey, and hard times. He still has scars on his face and body from dog fights. Before he was rescued, he had little to no fur, his bare skin was burned from the sun, his nails were long and painful, and he acted like he was very depressed. Mason and a few other stray dogs had been taken in temporarily by a woman who had seen them near a park. Redemption Paws rescued dozens of the dogs that were impacted by the hurricane in Houston and when Mason came to us as a foster, he was fear-based aggressive, had possession issues, pulled hard on walks, was reactive to new dogs, and was filled with rebellion. Health-wise, he was underweight, had an ear infection, and still had fur-loss.

Now, Mason is a new dog: he’s bouncy, eager to please, and very motivated. We’ve done many hours of training with Mason and he has a good understanding of what it means to be part of the pack. He walks nicely on leash (though, he still likes to be half-a-step ahead), has no problem dropping/ leaving his food or toys, and he even has a new foster brother whom he loves. Mason has no health issues at this time; he has come a long way. His favourite things are breakfast and dinner, tennis balls, bananas, walks on the beach, and meeting new people.

Mason thrives on the GO! SENSITIVITY + SHINE  Duck recipe – he really loves it! The veterinarian told us that Mason was actually allergic to most animal proteins, and that’s part of the reason why he didn’t have a lot of fur when we got him. He was 54lbs when he came to Canada and now he’s around 70lbs, which is ideal for him. He needed nutrition that could keep up with his needs and Petcurean has delivered. Mason has all the energy in the world and he’s a healthy, shiny pup.

Mason is loving being the Ambassador for the Toronto Wolfpack – he actually gets recognized for it. We recently went to a game and they treated him like a king! He loves meeting new people and making friends, so this opportunity has just made him that much more sociable.

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