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Giving to Your Local Pet Rescue

Giving to Your Local Pet Rescue

December is commonly considered the Season of Giving, but the people who run and volunteer at the thousands of shelters and rescue groups all over North America give of themselves every day of the year. They give their time, their own money, their expertise and their passion for the health and happiness of animals in their care. They are selfless and caring individuals whose biggest goal in life is to see every pet they rescue in a happy and loving forever home.

Not everyone is able to devote time, money and dedication to help animals in need, but virtually everyone can help those that do. With a little thought, you can help these deserving folks by giving to your local pet rescue or shelter in a number of ways.

Top Things to Donate to Your Local Pet Rescue

Here are 9 Ways to Give to Your Local Pet Rescue:

1. Donations

There isn’t a rescue group or shelter in existence that can’t use cold hard cash to help them survive. If you can’t afford to contribute out of your own pocket, consider doing a little fundraiser or collection on behalf of the group and send the proceeds to them.

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2. Wish List Items

Most shelters and rescues have an ongoing list of items which they are in need of. Food, blankets, litter, toys, treats, kennels, leashes and collars are almost always needed. But so too are things like cleaning supplies and towels.

3. Time

Time is the most precious commodity to a rescue or shelter. Whether you volunteer to walk dogs, socialize cats, foster pets, clean kennels, do laundry or anything else that they have a need for, your contributions will be welcomed.

4. Transportation

Shelters often need transport for their animals to vet appointments, or to other rescue groups, shelters or foster homes. If you have the time to spare and a vehicle, no doubt your offer to transport animals will be snapped up quickly.

5. Expertise

With the amount of time the animals in a shelter demand, staff there often don’t have the time to devote to things like answering emails, updating websites, monitoring Social Media, or writing pet profiles for adoption. These are the types of contribution you can make without even leaving your house. Are you a bookkeeper or an accountant? Your services would likely be very welcome so that shelter staff can devote their time to the animals in their care.

6. Crafty?

If you are good with your hands, you can make pet beds and toys out of all kinds of materials; old blue jeans, towels, t-shirts and blankets, and donate them.

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7. Are You a Trainer?

Dog and cat behaviorists or trainers are invaluable when it comes to assessing pets who may be going up for adoption, or for using their skills to modify undesirable behaviours which may prevent adoption. If you have skills in this department and some time to devote to shelter animals, it can make all the difference in the world.

8. Fundraising

If you have some time on a short-term basis, why not volunteer to run or help at a fundraising event?

9. Spread the Word

If you’re active on Social Media you can easily help spread the word about pets that are up for adoption. Getting the word out is half the battle and Social Media is the perfect way to spark interest.

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As you can see there are many ways to give back to your local rescue groups or shelters and we’re positive that the rescue community will be very grateful for your assistance.