Cats | Your Success Stories | September 12, 2019

Healthy From the Start: Wyatt’s Story

This success story features Michael and his young cat Wyatt, who has been raised on a variety of our high-quality wet food diets.

“I grew up with a lot of cats and adopted Wyatt from our local shelter when she was just 11 weeks old. She is my first pet as an adult.

From the beginning I have been devoted to feeding Wyatt only the highest quality food to maintain a healthy diet for her. On my first trip to the pet supply store I became aware of Petcurean’s GO! line, which was highly recommended by the store employee. I purchased a variety of flavours and the GO! DAILY DEFENCE Salmon Paté was her favourite. I have recently switched Wyatt to NOW FRESH Wild Salmon Paté and Stew for the benefit of the wild salmon ingredient.

Wyatt is now eight months old and I have tried various other products, but the Petcurean brand is always a winner with her and her health.

Wyatt has been very healthy and full of energy. Her coat is soft and shiny, and she always looks forward to breakfast and dinner.”