Dogs | Your Success Stories | April 23, 2015

Impactful advice

Our two dogs are doing so well on Petcurean’s GO! Sensitivity and NOW FRESH Senior Foods. Our oldest girl, almost 13 now, previously had problems with weight and the senior food managed that perfectly for her. Our younger girl, now 11, has had a pancreas issue for almost 8 years. The vet had us put her on their food for gastro issues and I never felt comfortable with the quality of the food and had been on NOW FRESH with her previously. In talking to the folks at Petcurean they suggested their GO! SOLUTIONS line so we gave that a try. She was doing great on it but put on some weight that concerned us so made contact with Petcurean for some ideas how we could best manage it. They suggested we reduce the amount of food slightly and add green beans and pumpkin. This has worked wonderfully. Her weight is where it should be and she is doing well on the combination suggested by staff at Petcurean. They have been so helpful and their food is great quality with some many options for dogs as they age and for health issues. Thanks so much for all your help.

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