Cats | Your Success Stories | December 15, 2014

Keeping our pets going

Hi, my cats name is Dyna she’ll be 15 in August 2015. 13 years ago she had skin problems and that’s when I switched her food to GO! SOLUTIONS Her skin problem went away.  Everyone since then that pets my cat comments on how soft her fur is and compares it to bunny fur.  I took her to the vet recently and he couldn’t believe how great her overall condition is for her age. Her teeth had minimal tartar build up, shes 10 lbs. He feels she will live at least another 5 years for sure. As I cuddle her in bed this morning I really feel it’s her food that has given her longevity and good health. I just felt the need to email your company to thank you for making such a good product. Feeding your food to our animals is showing them we love them.

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