Health & Nutrition | Dogs | November 13, 2013

Meet Dexter, a medic alert dog

Dexter the dog and a little girl

While some dogs are using their nose to sniff out yummy treats, Dexter is using his to prevent a medical emergency.

Yep, that’s right. Dexter is kind of a big deal around here at Petcurean. He is a purebred Labrador and is a medic alert dog (apparently the only one of his kind in Canada) for a happy and healthy 12 year old girl named Bayleigh.

Bayleigh was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (a disease in which the pancreas does not produce insulin) at the age of 3. To stabilize blood sugar levels, Bayleigh has an insulin pump which delivers the right amount of insulin to her body based on how much food is consumed at any given meal she eats.

While having an insulin pump has been a huge blessing in Bayleigh’s life, there are still risks in only relying on the pump to balance blood sugar levels. Sometimes Bayleigh’s blood sugar levels rise or drop so quickly that her pump can’t keep up with them, which has resulted in her having seizures.

Enter Dexter.

Dexter has an ultra-sensitive nose and has been trained to detect drops and spikes in Bayleigh’s blood sugar levels by issuing a low growl. If Bayleigh doesn’t take action, Dexter’s growl will become louder and will eventually turn into a bark, until Bayleigh adjusts her glucose levels on her pump.

With her faithful protector Dexter by her side, Bayleigh has been able to attend activities such as sleepovers and birthday parties – that otherwise may have been a risk to attend on her own.

To thank Dexter for his loyal service to Bayleigh, we’ve been filling his tummy for free with our GO! DAILY DEFENCE Chicken Recipe for Dogs. He only deserves the best- and so does your dog!