Health & Nutrition | April 3, 2016

Meet Our Health & Nutrition Team

Petcurean Health & Nutrition Team

Our focus on optimal health and nutrition for your pet means we must have the right staff in place, not only to formulate amazing pet food, but also to answer any questions pet parents might have. We’ve assembled a top-notch team of experts to help with both of those tasks.

Meet Our Team:

Jennifer Adolphe, PhD, Nutrition Manager

Jennifer Adolphe

PhD (Companion Animal Nutrition)

Nutrition Manager

Dr. Jennifer Adolphe is our Nutrition Manager. Jennifer began her career in human nutrition, but in 2009 she decided to combine her interest in nutrition with her love of animals and pursue a PhD in pet nutrition. She completed her PhD at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan in 2013. She has performed research in various areas of human and pet nutrition, but most recently she has studied the effects of carbohydrates on metabolic and cardiovascular health in lean and obese dogs. In addition to research, Jennifer has experience working in clinical dietetics, consulting, post-secondary education, and pet food manufacturing. She has three Australian Shepherds; Roxi, Timber and Chip who all enjoy Jennifer’s active lifestyle.

Michele Dixon, Cert CN_Health & Nutrition Specialist

Michele Dixon

Cert CN

Health & Nutrition Specialist

Michele Dixon is Petcurean’s Health and Nutrition Specialist and has studied animal nutrition through Colorado State University and the Companion Animal Sciences Institute. She also studied (Equine) Nutrition through the Equine Research Center at the University of Guelph.  Petcurean is pleased to have the opportunity to apply Michele’s extensive background in both Companion Animal and Veterinary Nutrition (along with over 15 years of service at Petcurean) to help our customers find the food that’s right for their dog or cat. Michele shares her life with her little bichon cross, Jace, who rules the roost. Michele’s other interests include competitive Rally Obedience, gardening, singing and cooking.

Natalie Asaro, MSc_Nutrition Assistant

Natalie Asaro


Companion Animal Nutritionist

Natalie Asaro, Nutrition Assistant at Petcurean, received both her BSc in Honours Biological Science and MSc in Companion Animal Nutrition from the University of Guelph. Her MSc research focused on investigating energy and macronutrient metabolism in cats, resulting in multiple published peer-reviewed papers. Her passion lies in pet food formulation and keeping up to date with research in pet nutrition. Growing up, she had many different pets including fish, frogs, and birds. Today, she loves spending time with her cat Zelda, whose feisty personality keeps Natalie on her toes.

Niina Niemi

Customer Experience Manager

Niina focuses on enhancing the customer experience of our beloved pet-parents and guiding our knowledgeable Customer Care Team. She has an extensive background in international business relations, and her knowledge is invaluable in supporting our partners in their diverse inquiries. Niina has always loved animals and in her childhood she enjoyed riding horses and actively volunteering to help in dog shows. German Shepherds have a special place in her heart and currently she owns an 11 year young dog, Candy (who is also featured on the bag for our GO! SOLUTIONS CARNIVORE Grain Free Salmon + Cod recipe). Niina loves the outdoors and rain or shine, you can find her hiking or running the BC trails with her husband and adorable pup Candy.

Val Culpin

Customer Care Representative

Val is on the front line of our Health and Nutrition inquiries and is one of the people you’ll likely first encounter when calling or emailing our office. She’s been with Petcurean for almost 14 years and for 20 years was a breeder and exhibitor of golden retrievers. As a retired dogsport enthusiast with a new young Jack Russell terrier to contend with, she has extensive knowledge of Petcurean recipes and can answer questions about many nutritional issues. Val enjoys spending time with family and friends and cheering on her favourite Seattle Seahawks.

Sylvaine Lelong

Customer Care Representative

Sylvaine is another of our friendly team members who supports customers that call looking for Health and Nutrition information. She is a native French speaker with a background in health-focused customer service experience and is passionate about healthy living and nutrition. As an animal lover, she has always had a furry companion in her life, until recently. Now she shares her passion for dogs with her neighbour’s Bernese Mountain Dog, who is always willing to spend time with her. In her free time, you can find her at the farmers’ market, hiking, or spending time with her two children.

Mariah Stanley

Customer Care Representative

Mariah is a part of the Customer Care team here! She has trained and raised dogs since she was very young. She was a certified Junior Handler and trained one of her family’s dogs in obedience, Rally-O, confirmation and flyball to high levels. She is passionate about animals and when she is not chatting with Petcurean pet parents on the phone or via email, you can find her enjoying the beautiful Fraser Valley with her dog, a German/Dutch Shepherd named Maverick!