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Mommy Knows Best: Cali’s Story

This success story features Vanessa and her beautiful cat Cali. With 35 years of experience as a pet parent, Vanessa knows that a pet parent is responsible for feeding their fur baby a high quality pet food. So when Vanessa adopted Cali at the age of 2 months old, she went out to find a food that would take Cali from a kitten into adulthood.  And through research, she found NOW FRESH and GO! SOLUTIONS to feed her precious Calico/Tabby/Maine Coon cat. Here is Vanessa’s story:

At the very beginning as a kitten, Cali accepted Petcurean food, both the NOW FRESH Grain Free Kitten recipe and GO! SOLUTIONS Daily Defence Chicken Stew. What was appealing to her was the size of the kibble (in kitten formulation and the adult); it was the perfect size, easily digestible. What I marvelled at is that she would purr so loudly while eating – she was so happy! Additionally, she never over ate but could hardly wait for either lunch or dinner.

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As she got older, into adulthood, she transitioned to the NOW FRESH Grain Free Adult recipe and became very dog-like (which may be due to her special mix of Calico/Tabby/Maine Coon). She started to stand on her hind legs wanting to eat where the dish was placed, even on a dining room chair! However I taught Cali to do the “Downward Dog” position by using the command “bow” at feeding times. Most female cats (like the human variety) are hard to train, unless they want to be, but with this food she’s learned how to do this trick. Now she does that trick whenever she is hungry! A great queue for me.

Photos provided by Vanessa and Cali Rottner

I would highly recommend any pet food by Petcurean, for both cats and dogs. It’s important to speak to your vet, the people at Petcurean (their support is great) about nutrition and choose a high-end food. In doing so you establish both health and wellness for your beloved pet child. My vet is so pleased with Cali’s overall health.

Cats and dogs have different likes and needs, so it’s important to pay attention to their reactions to food as a pet parent. For example, not all cats like beef, or chicken, or salmon – it really depends. It’s important to work with your Veterinarian should any allergies arise during the pet’s life.

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