Dogs | Your Success Stories | March 21, 2017

Never Give Up: Rex’s Story

Success Story Rex

This success story features Lee Ann and her dog, Rex who battled hair loss, itching, digging and chronic ear problems. Then Lee Ann started feeding Rex our GO! SENSITIVITY + SHINE Turkey LID recipe and noticed some huge results! Read Rex’s story below and for more information on the Petcurean Difference, please visit here.

We have battled hair loss, itching, digging and chronic ear problems for years. I saw an ad for GO! SOLUTIONS online and decided to give it a try. After 2 weeks his eyes were crystal clear. His coat started growing back very silky and shiny.  The scratching and digging stopped completely and there were no more ear problems!

Never give up on finding something that will completely change the health and well-being of your pet for the better. Hard to believe that something so simple could make such a drastic transformation in the health of my dog. We can never thank you enough for such a great quality food. My dog will be 7 this June and does not even look or act like a Senior.

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