Your Success Stories | March 1, 2017

No More Sensitivities: Sam’s Story

Sam Success Story

This success story features Erica and her rescue dog Sam, who battled with a sensitive stomach and severe food allergies. Then two years ago, Erica started feeding Sam our GO! SOLUTIONS™ SENSITIVITY + SHINE LID Duck recipe and noticed  some huge results! Read Sam’s story below and for more information on the Petcurean Difference, please visit here.

Sam is a rescue, and when we adopted him, we quickly learned that he had a sensitive stomach and some food allergies. Add to that, he is a total chow-hound, and as a basset hound mix with some orthopedic issues, we have to be very careful about making sure he doesn’t gain any extra weight, which puts stress on his joints and long back. For the first year after adopting Sam, we tried a variety of different high-quality kibble formulas and even a pricey prescription hypoallergenic kibble formula from the vet.

We noticed almost right away that something just wasn’t working for him. If it wasn’t bad breath after a meal, it was intense itching and scratching, or paw licking. Once we got those symptoms under control, it was a dull, dry coat and then he started putting on extra pounds. By process of elimination, we figured out he had a chicken allergy, and didn’t do terribly well on a grain-free diet (too much protein, too many dog farts hehe).

One day about two years ago after popping in to our local pet store, we ran into Alex from Petcurean, who had met Sam on a few other occasions. I had filled her in on some of the issues we were having, and she suggested we tried Sam on GO! SOLUTIONS. She mentioned that it was a high-quality Canadian product, and the recipe formulas were somewhat similar to another food we had had some success with in the past (before they had tweaked the formula). She gave us a bag to take home and try, and Sam has been on GO! SOLUTIONS ever since.

Within a month of having Sam on his new GO! SOLUTIONS diet, we were noticing results. His coat was soft and shiny, and he wasn’t licking or scratching at his paws anymore. Within two months, OTHERS were noticing results. Sam started losing the added pounds, which thrilled our vet. Even the groomer mentioned that his ears were squeaky clean between grooming sessions, no more allergy gunky ears.

Now after about two years on GO! SOLUTIONS diet, Sam has lost about 4 kilograms of extra weight, his coat is soft and shiny, and he’s thriving. As an added bonus, as his owner, I have the peace of mind that I’m feeding him a high-quality healthy diet, and I don’t have to worry he’s going to scratch and lick his paws raw anymore. It sounds crazy, but you don’t realize just how much dog food selection matters until you’re waking up at 3 a.m. every night trying to stop the dog from chewing up his itchy allergy feet.

If your pet has any allergy symptoms, don’t give up on finding a healthy, balanced kibble meal. We were strongly pushed to switch him to a very expensive prescription diet with hydrolyzed proteins,. I just could not in good conscience switch him long-term to a formula where the top ingredients were corn starch and powdered cellulose (sawdust). We lucked out on finally finding GO! SOLUTIONS and it worked out great.

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