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Novel proteins – more than just a novel idea

Novel Proteins

Does your pet suffer from food sensitivities? Chronic diarrhea, vomiting, loose stools, itchy rashes or ear infections can be a sign that your pet is reacting to the food he or she is eating. One of the main causes for dietary intolerances is protein. If your pet suffers from any of the above symptoms, changing to a novel protein recipe can help to give their bodies a break and calm down from the effects.

Proteins come in many forms and from many sources. Many pet owners confuse protein with meat, when in reality protein comes from plant sources as well.

Novel proteins are proteins your pet has not eaten before, which greatly reduces the chance of a reaction.

In recent years, pet food companies have sourced an amazing array of new novel meat proteins such as duck, turkey, venison, bison, kangaroo, rabbit, quail and ostrich.

Lamb used to be considered a novel protein source, however in the past twenty years it has become widely utilized in pet foods and is no longer considered a unique source of protein.

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The introduction of a single source novel protein diet, such as GO! SOLUTIONS™ SENSITIVITY + SHINE Limited Ingredient Pollock Recipe, can help to alleviate the symptoms your pet suffers from. Trying alternate sources of protein can also help to determine if your pet is reacting to the meat proteins or those in the carbohydrates in their food. It’s a big elimination process to figure out what might be causing your pet’s discomfort, or if in fact it is even food related. After introducing a new novel protein to your pet, allow enough time for the pet to adjust to it so you can see if the new protein is helping alleviate the symptoms. Six or eight weeks is a good time span to be able to judge whether this new food will agree with your pet.

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