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NOW FRESH for Life: Rufus and Sammi’s Story

Success Story - Rufus & Sammi

This success story features Craig and his two dogs, Rufus and Sammi. Craig’s special canines are siblings, and have been eating NOW FRESH since they were puppies. Craig has been dedicated to giving his dogs the best food possible, and ended up finding  NOW FRESH Adult Dog Food Recipe which has now been their choice dog food for life. Not only did it help Sammi’s picky eating and digestive issues, but it has helped keep them happy and healthy their whole lives (they are already 11-1/2 years old – but don’t tell them that!) Read Rufus and Sammi’s story below and for more information on the Petcurean Difference, please visit here.

“Rufus and Sammi are siblings. They are mixed mutts. Their mamma was a Black Lab, the rest is unknown. Rufus joined our family at 4-months, his sister went to another family close by. They grew up near each other during their first year, but were separated after Sammi’s family moved far away.

When Rufus was young, I was at a small local pet store looking at food ingredients. I asked the store clerk for recommendations about which dry food would be best for two young dogs – he immediately guided me to Petcurean’s NOW FRESH Puppy Dog Food Recipe. He knew this brand well and said it was made with high quality ingredients. He got me a small size to try, to be sure Rufus would like it. Well he did, so I was back a couple days later to purchase a large bag! I am so glad that store clerk knew about Petcurean brands!

Just a year later Rufus and Sammi were reunited when Sammi’s owners asked if she could join our family as theirs could no longer keep her. We welcomed her with open arms! Although Rufus was King of the Castle, he quickly adapted to having his sister, the Princess in his home. 

Success Story - Rufus & Sammi as Puppies

When Sammi joined the family, Rufus was already eating the NOW FRESH Adult Dog Food Recipe. Sammi was a picky eater with known digestion issues, so we weren’t sure if she would like the same food Rufus was eating. Much to our surprise, from the first bowl, she seemed very satisfied! Within a very short time, her digestion problems subsided! (No more gurgling belly or loose stools). I knew at that moment we had the right food for life!

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I can’t speak for others, but my dogs have NEVER needed a flea treatment. Although their Vet has tried to convince me otherwise, it’s not needed. I attribute this to their healthy diet!

I’ve explained to the Vet each time flea treatment is offered that I truly believe the reason they don’t attract fleas is because they eat Petcurean’s NOW FRESH exclusively. They don’t have any problems with dry skin or patches of missing fur and overall their coats are full, soft and shiny.

Having a pet is a huge commitment. Your animal(s) depend on you to provide a high quality of life. It’s more than just the food you provide. For dogs, it’s about play, exercise, and good hygiene. Your pets deserve the best you can give them. Their time with your family is limited so make the memories something special!

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At 11-1/2 years old, our King and Princess are happy, healthy, & active. They love adventure. They can’t wait for their next walk or trip to the Off-leash Dog Park.

Are these two dogs spoiled? Absolutely! They’re not just pets, they’re family. We’re “dog people” plain and simple! And Petcurean’s amazing food has helped to give our dogs a great quality of life!”