Cats | Your Success Stories | August 15, 2014

Old Daisy

My 16 year old cat, Daisy was found to be in the early stages of renal failure last December. I researched and found that a low phosphorus food may help her (she will only eat dry food, but thankfully drinks a lot of water). I also know that high protein will help her maintain muscle as she ages, but is usually higher in phosphorus. I searched and searched and finally found GO! SOLUTIONS at Chuck & Don’s. I switched her from prescription low calorie food to the GO! SOLUTIONS Chicken (lower in phosphorus than the fish flavor). When her labs were repeated in June, the vet said that her numbers were all within normal range. In fact, they were in the middle of the normal range. The vet wanted to know if I had changed anything. I told them about the change in food. She had never heard of GO! SOLUTIONS, but said that it seems to be working to greatly slow down or reverse her renal failure. She also has more energy on it and is a very happy cat! Thank you, Petcurean!

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