Cats | November 20, 2017

People Behind the Pets: Lindsay and Iain

Cat in Car

People Behind the Pets showcases specific members of the animal community who have amazing stories to share. Recently, we spoke with Lindsay and Iain, proud pet parents to their two adventure cats, Fish and Chips. Lindsay and Iain share their experiences and provide some tips to help you go adventuring with cats. 

Let’s start at the beginning. When did you first realize that you had a love for cats and, more specifically, adventuring with cats?

I have always been a cat person, growing up we had a big orange tabby that was very fond of me, and ever since then I’ve had a soft spot for cats. After Iain and I moved in together, I was definitely the one to bring up the idea of getting a kitten. Although he wasn’t sold on the idea right away (him being more of a dog person) after we started to see more and more about the “adventure cats” he eventually came around to the idea. Growing up Iain spent a lot of time outdoors, whether it was hiking or camping, and he usually had a K-9 companion. Living in an apartment made adopting a dog difficult so we began our search for a kitten, hoping we could bring him along on our adventures.

How did Fish and Chips come into your life?

We began our search at some of the local shelters and pet shops looking for rescued kittens that needed a home. We had a bit of a difficult time with it at first due to the time of year. Eventually we found a litter a couple hours away from where we were living at the time. We drove down to meet them even though they would be too young to take home for another two weeks. As soon as I met Fish I knew he was the one. His sisters were sleeping together on a blanket while he was running around wreaking havoc. We came back two weeks later to adopt him and put a harness on him the second we got him in the car.

After a few months we casually talked about getting him a friend because we thought he would be much happier having someone to play with while we were at work. One day we walked into a pet store to get some cat litter only to find they had a local rescue in for an adoption day. Little Chips was sitting in a kennel with his sisters and we knew we weren’t walking out of the store without him.

Can you explain to our readers in more detail, what kinds of adventuring you do with Fish and Chips?

We try to take Fish and Chips everywhere. Basically as long as we think they’re allowed to come, they tag along. A month after we adopted Fish we took him on a road trip down the west coast through Oregon and into California. Recently, we did a road trip from Vancouver Island to Utah. They come hiking, backpacking and camping. They sleep in the car with us, in our trailer, in a tent or in a hotel depending on what we’re doing. One of our favourite things to do with them is going camping. We find the best places are spots that are more isolated with fewer people or vehicles around. This lets the kitties explore a little more freely around the campsite. The greatest part of camping with cats is the sleeping bag snuggles you get when they’re all tuckered out! When we’re at home we try to take them on at least one hike a week and we’re always looking for new adventures to take them on!

What are the top tips you would offer to pet parents looking to adventure with their cats?

I think the most important thing that we always try to stress is that you need to keep your expectations realistic. A cat is still a cat no matter what. You need to be patient and understand that even after some time and training you will still have days where they just refuse to cooperate. It also takes time to understand your cat and their particular needs so just go slow and start small. Getting them used to car rides, wandering around local parks and riding in the backpack are all good places to start before you attempt to take on some trails and camping adventures. And even though it can be frustrating at times it’s totally worth it! Through our adventures our bonds with Fish and Chips have grown so much more than we ever thought possible.

What would be your dream to accomplish with Fish and Chips?

We love road tripping with our cats so our dream would be to drive across North America with them, seeing every province and state along the way. I think we are all the happiest versions of ourselves when we’re on the road together, visiting the sights and exploring!

At Petcurean, we put pets first. How do you personally put Fish and Chips first?

 When we adopted Fish and Chips they became a huge part of our lives. So much so that we often find ourselves putting their needs before our own. For example when we pack for camping trips, the first thing in the car is their bag of food. When we’re hiking and they get tired we let them ride on the backpacks even though it adds a lot of extra weight. When we’re travelling the first thing we look at, whether it’s a trail or a park or a hotel, is whether or not it’s pet friendly. In the end Fish and Chips are part of the family and we always treat them as such.

What is the importance of pet nutrition in your day to day life?

Feeding Fish and Chips a good diet has been hugely important to us since day one. As responsible pet owners we believe that feeding them the best diet possible is our responsibility and not something reserved for special breeds or types of cats, or any other kind of animal. They are a very important part of our family and since they can’t choose what food they eat, its up to us to make sure they’re getting the highest quality food that’s right for them. Fish and Chips have very active lifestyles and can sometimes go all day without wanting to stop for a rest, this means they need a food that can provide them with the energy they need to get through a day of adventures!

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