Dogs | October 6, 2016

People Behind the Pets: Sandra Bater

Sandra Bater

People Behind the Pets showcases specific members of the animal community who have amazing stories to share. Today we are featuring Sandra Bater, Trade Marketing Assistant for Petcurean, avid animal lover, and dog agility athlete and competitor. Do you have a story to share or know someone who does? Tell us at [email protected]!

If you know or have met Sandra, it doesn’t take long to learn that one of the loves of her life is a red-headed, four-legged, Australian Shepherd named Jade.  If you ever wanted to live a dog’s life, trust me you would want to live Jade’s! She is spoiled by Sandra with massages, chiro, acupuncture, an amazing fitness program, and of course she is fed the high nutrition of GO! Daily Defence Chicken.

They are a team, and together have accomplished some amazing titles, including:

AAC Regionals
+ 2014 16” Veteran 7th place
+ 2015 16” Veteran 2nd place

AAC Nationals
+ 2013 22” Reg 7th place
+ 2015 16” Veteran 2nd place

Steeplechase Finals
+ 2014 Regionals 1st place
+ 2015 Regionals 1st place
+ 2015 Nationals 3rd place

Snooker Challenge
+ 2015 Nationals 1st place

ASCA Nationals 2016
+ Gamblers 1st place
+ Jumpers 1st & 4th place
+ Standard 4th place

Dog with Ribbons
Agility Dog

But, for Sandra the entrance into the agility world wasn’t necessarily an easy one.

“When I first started in the sport, I had pretty bad performance anxiety. I have a natural competitive nature, so I didn’t want to let myself or Jade down. I had too high expectations,” says Sandra.

However, with time Sandra realized why she was really participating in this sport. It was for Jade. As she became more confident in her abilities, her skill increased, the matches became fun, and soon she desired each course.

“I came to terms with the fact that even good handlers make mistakes. No matter how the run goes, what matters most is that Jade has fun. If we make a mistake, I can’t transfer the negativity onto her, I have to let it go and keep it fun for her, that’s the most important part,” says Sandra.“She loves the game and it’s just an honour to be part of her team. She never gives up on me and gives me 100% effort every time we run a course, so why would I let my expectations dampen that?”

Sandra has come out of the sport with some titles to be very proud of. But, the biggest reward for her is the places she has been and the people she has met along the way.

“If it wasn’t for agility, I wouldn’t have met some of my greatest friends, formed such amazing bonds, and been able to see and experience some of the cities I have competed in,” says Sandra.

If you are thinking about joining agility, or have just started the sport, Sandra gives this advice to you:

“Run each course as if it might be your LAST run. It doesn’t matter what the outcome is, as long as you and your dog are having FUN. The titles and ribbons won’t matter in the end, but the time spent with your dog will matter.”

Way to GO! Sandra and Jade!