Your Success Stories | July 17, 2017

Picky Eater No More: Liza’s Story

GATHER for cats

This success story features Yuliana and her cat Liza, who was once a very picky eater. Recently, Yuliana started feeding Liza our GATHER Free Acres™ recipe for cats and she devoured it. Read their story below and for more information on the Petcurean Difference, please visit here.

Today the wonderful people at my local pet store gave me a sample of your GATHER Free Acres organic cat food. When I gave it to my 11 year old cat Liza, I was surprised at her reaction. SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! I have never seen her begging for food before today… ever! I had to run back to the store and grab a bag of GATHER.

I must tell you that Liza is a very very very picky kitty. So I am definitely impressed. Thank you for going organic and free-run! It means a lot to me personally as I am on a 100% plant based diet and now I feel much better that Liza has her food organic and factory farming free.

Thank you again and wishing your company all the success possible.

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