Dogs | April 1, 2018

Petcurean Launches DOODY System

iScoop with Dog

Revolutions in Poop Solutions

You do the poopin’, we do the scoopin’

At Petcurean, we take poop seriously, and we feel kinda responsible for being a part of what your furry friend leaves behind them. So we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new automated D.O.O.D.Y System (Drone Operated Ordure Delivery).

We’ve partnered with the brainiacs at Vancouver Drones to create a complete system of poop retrieval that scoops and bags your pet’s mess and delivers it directly back to Chilliwack, BC where it’s used to power our head office.

The iSCOOP is a world first robot poop scoop that will follow your dog and clean up after him. Simply sync up the pup’s smart collar with the iSCOOP and watch with glee as your new favourite robot does the dirty work for you. Once the iSCOOP is full, the DoodyDrone™ then collects the bags and flies them direct to our head office for processing into poo power.

Jenna Fortin, Director of Marketing at Petcurean commented “We believe we’re breaking new ground here. We already make foods that are both nutrient-rich and high efficiency. You are able to feed your pet less, they absorb more nutrition, and there’s less poop to scoop, which means less poop going to landfills. But we wanted to do more. The D.O.O.D.Y System enables us to bring the poop full circle, back to where it was first conceived.”

Coming soon – the LitterCritter™ mini-drone for the felines in your life.

PLEASE NOTE: This was an April Fool post from your friends at Petcurean… 😉