Cats | Your Success Stories | February 26, 2015

Saving a stray

Hey there, I just wanted to send out my tremendous gratitude and appreciation for your pet food. I just recently rescued a mother and daughter cat from the local animal shelter. They were completely ok for about a month until the daughter that is 3 years old started vomiting severely and I couldn’t figure out the problem and the poor thing could not keep any kind of food down, even venison and hypoallergenic food from the vet and she still couldn’t keep it down. So I took her to the vet and we tried multiple food trials and did expensive blood and urine work to see if it was possible pancreatitis or some other internal issue. Well that was a waste of a huge lump some of money. So I text my aunt who went to her vet with her sick kitty that was always vomiting and they told her about Petcureans NOW and GO food, so she went out and tried the GO Sensitivity + Shine Freshwater Trout and Salmon. Her cat instantly was better and no vomiting, so I decide to go out and buy a bag to try it and I am so pleased to say hat she has not vomited here in two weeks and we are still going strong. She is more bright and alert and acting more like the cuddly cat she use to be and her skin and coat are amazing for a long haired cat. I just wanted to say THANK YOU a billion times for having such a fantastic cat food that is made naturally by an amazing company. I am so glad I came across your products and will continue to stand by your company with your GO Fit and Free for my other cat that is normal and healthy and the NOW Grain Free Senior dog food for my dog. Thank You once again and keep going strong!

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