Dogs | Cats | June 24, 2016

The Benefits of Having Pets in the Workplace

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It’s becoming more and more commonplace for companies to have policies which allow for pets in the workplace, but for most of us this is a treat we can enjoy just once a year on Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Research is showing that there are numerous benefits of having pets in the workplace on a more permanent basis. Of course, certain things need to be taken into account before such a policy can be put in place. Chief amongst the concerns are those workers with allergies, which can be debilitating to people who suffer from them. The same thing goes for those with a fear of animals. And certainly if your landlord has a ‘no pets’ policy or you work in a sterile environment such as the food industry or a lab, pets in the workplace are simply a ‘no go’.

However, many workplaces are quite suitable for the presence of pets, and here are some great reasons for employers to encourage workers to bring their pets with them to the office:

•    Pets are great stress relievers. Stressful times can be relieved by the presence of a pet to stroke and tell your troubles to. They improve morale and encourage creativity. Absenteeism from work is also usually improved.

•    Pets can be great icebreakers. Dogs and cats are a great way to initiate conversation and relationships in the workplace, encouraging employees to bond and fostering an atmosphere of family or team.

•    Pets improve work/life balance. If you have your pet at work with you, you have to look after their needs. Regular breaks are then necessary from your desk to feed, water and take them out for potty breaks or lunchtime walks, which is a great way to refresh and clear your head for the rest of your workday.

•    A pets in the workplace policy will often attract young talent. It’s an attractive perk for young people to be able to bring their pets to work. They don’t have to worry about paying for doggy daycare or someone to let their dog out during the day, and often these employees are more willing to stay late at the office because they don’t have to worry about getting home to their furry family members.

•    Happy employees are productive employees and what can make a pet parent happier than having their beloved companions with them 24/7?

•    Studies have shown that employee retention is vastly improved for companies who allow pets in the workplace.

Pets in the workplace need to be well-behaved, relatively quiet, housebroken, up to date on vaccinations and free of fleas. Why not encourage your employer to establish a pets-in-the-workplace policy? The benefits are enormous all around!

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