Dogs | May 27, 2019

Things to Consider Before You Take Your Dog to Work

Things to Consider Before You Take Your Dog to Work

Take Your Dog to Work Day was originally conceived by Pet Sitters International, this event has gathered steam over the last few years as employers realize the many benefits of dogs in the workplace.

You might need to lobby your company’s management to allow dogs to come to work, but the benefits are worth the effort. Here’s a link to an action pack to help you convince your company it’s a great idea and a list of ways to make it all happen.

7 Considerations for bringing your dog to the office

1. Personality Type

Be honest with yourself and decide if Spot is office-worthy. If he tends to be shy, fearful or overly enthusiastic about life in general, it might be best to leave him at home. If you decide he’s good to go, make sure he’s on leash at all times.

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2. Vaccinations

Make sure Spot’s shots are up to date.

3. Dress Code

Make sure Spot is spotless! Give him a nice bath, nail trim and a good brushing the day before, so he looks and smells his best when he meets your boss and co-workers.

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4. Training

Brush up on Spot’s manners. A little last minute reinforcement of what makes him a ‘good dog’ is never a bad idea. No jumping up, keep your feet on the floor, don’t be too pushy with other pups in the office or any humans you encounter, and remember silence is golden – no barking or howling please!

5. Work Station

Make sure Spot can be secured somehow in your office or work area so he isn’t pestering other dogs and people. At the same time, puppy proof your work area by moving things like cables, printers, calculators and other electronics out of harm’s way.

6. Supplies

Bring a bowl for water, some treats, a blanket or bed, and poop bags to pick up when you go on potty breaks.

7. Coworkers

Once at work, do not force coworkers to interact with your pup. Just because you are thrilled with having your four legged companion by your side all day does not mean everyone at your workplace is. Not everyone is a dog lover and some are even very fearful of dogs, so please respect their choice not to interact with your dog.

With a little planning and work ahead of time, Take Your Dog to Work Day can be tons of fun! Enjoy!!

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