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Three Cheers for NOW FRESH: Dakota, Callie and Mack’s Story

Three Cheers for NOW FRESH Mack, Dakota, and Callie's Story

This success story features Krista and her three dogs Dakota, Callie and Mack. Krista has three very different fur babies – each with their own food issues. Thankfully, once Krista decided to try NOW FRESH , she was able to find a brand that worked for all three of her canine companions. Choosing exactly the right food for your dog can be challenging. We get it. So, hopefully Krista’s success story with NOW FRESH can help make choosing easier for you too!

I actually have three dogs and each one has a NOW FRESH story. With each dog we experienced their own unique food issues:

  • My oldest mix (Dakota, 13) had problems with different foods
  • My Golden (Callie, 6) had skin allergies
  • My Bernie (Mack) had problems with organic puppy food (that was recommended to us)

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Success Story - Mack, Dakota, and Callie

I heard about NOW FRESH from a store about six years ago and tried the food. What we have experienced has been amazing!

  • Dakota has been on the NOW FRESH Fish Recipe for six years now and she is the healthiest 13 year old dog we have ever had! Still takes runs and acts like she is much younger.
  • Callie rarely needs medicine for her skin issues anymore, and at her last check up the veterinarian told us that she is very healthy.
  • Mack couldn’t handle any other food before, but as soon as we fed him NOW FRESH, he’s never had a problem again.

So all good results!

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If your pet has had any stomach issues or skin issues, or if you just want a great nutritional food to help your pet live a long healthy life, try NOW FRESH!! Our dogs love the NOW FRESH Fish Recipe. 

I will never change their food and I tell everyone about it. And if I get a new puppy in the future – I will start them on the puppy recipe right from the beginning.