Dogs | May 27, 2020

How to Throw Your Dog a Party

How to Throw Your Dog a Party

Who doesn’t love a party? And who doesn’t love their dog? Those two factors are a great reason to plan a party in honour of your beloved pooch, for almost any reason at all. You can celebrate his birthday, his ‘Gotcha Day’ or for any other number of reasons.  It can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, depending on the amount of time and money you want to devote to it. These are our top five tips for how to throw your dog a party – the right way!

1. Date & time

If your dog’s canine pals have owners who work, give some thought to the best time for a get-together.  A weekday afternoon might not work as well as a weekend or evening.

2. Location, location, location

Depending on how many dogs (and their owners) you want to invite to your buddy’s party, think about the location.  If you have a fenced yard it may be large enough to accommodate a number of dogs and people, and it will be easier for you to set up.

Having the party at your local dog park can also be feasible, but you may end up with some uninvited guests.

If you are thinking about the dog park idea, try to arrange the party for a time when it is typically not heavily used.

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3. Decorations are key

Theme parties are always fun.  Starting with the invitations and moving on to décor, treats and doggie costumes, a theme adds a special touch to your dog’s party.  You might base your theme on something as simple as your pet’s personality, or perhaps focus on a favourite activity, game or even a movie.

If you are staging your pooch’s party at home give some thought to checking out all the innovative doggie décor items that can be found to liven things up. Table cloths, banners, signs – there are hundreds of great themed items on the market that can make your dog’s day extra-special.

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Doggie dress-up is always fun

Most dogs seem to, at the very least, tolerate wearing party hats and bandanas.  Or you can encourage the owners of your canine party guests to go further with special outfits for their dogs.  Original and colourful costumes always add to any party, and your dog’s is no exception.

4. Plan for special food treats

What’s a party without special treats?  There are many recipes on-line for home-made treats and pupcakes.  You can purchase canine-themed cake pans, cookie cutters and other supplies to make them more special.  Or, you can purchase custom cakes or pupcake mixes that will make a delicious and healthy goody for your canine companion and his friends.

While ice cream is not recommended for dogs, there are special ice treats available for canines  that will jazz up the cake and cookie offerings.

Don’t forget to supply something special for the humans at the party as well!

Don’t forget the water

Regardless of where you decide to stage your dog’s party be sure to have plenty of fresh water on hand, along with clean bowls or buckets.  Dogs can get hot and thirsty when they are busy playing and need rehydration.

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5. Plan for some fun activities

Games are an integral part of most celebratory parties, so think about what would appeal to your pooch and his guests.  Dunking for wieners is always a fun (and funny) activity.  You can fill a kiddie wading pool with water on a hot day and allow the dogs to frolic and keep cool.  Or, consider taking that same wading pool and filling it with balls to make a ball pit – a sure magnet for most pooches that will keep them occupied and happy.

Don’t forget the guest treat bags!

Goody bags for your canine guests to take home can be a nice touch at the end of the gathering.  Healthy treats or fun dog toys – plus a treat for the dog’s human – can be a nice ending to the day.

Planning a party for your dog can be fun, limited only by your creativity and your budget.  Enjoy the experience, and the end result!