Dogs | Cats | February 14, 2015

Top 14 reasons why your pet makes the BEST Valentine

We discovered long ago that our pets make the best Valentine’s, hands down. Why? Well, we took to the “streets” (i.e. our Facebook page) to ask you for all the wonderful reasons that your pet will always be your best Valentine. We were overwhelmed with so many heart-warming responses that we couldn’t just narrow it down to our top 10-so here’s 14. Because it’s just way more festive.

  • They always want to snuggle & can sense your feelings.
  • No matter how sick you are, they are still wanting to cuddle and give kisses.
  • They don’t leave the toilet seat up.
  • Unconditional love.
  • They share the blankets.
  • They don’t need gifts, they just need you.
  • A dog respects you no matter what. They don’t ask for anything, and they show love like no other.
  • They are true love.
  • They’re happy to see you whether you’ve been gone for 5 hours or only 5 minutes.
  • They let you have all the chocolate to yourself.
  • They know all your secrets and never tell.
  • They think you are the most amazing person on Earth-no matter what.
  • They don’t complain about eating the same kind of food every day.
  • Dog slobber is cute. Date slobber is not cute. Ever.

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