Dogs | Your Success Stories | September 3, 2019

Underweight to Overjoyed: Gavin’s Story

Gavin's Success Story

This success story is about Ashley and her dog Gavin, who had a variety of health issues that were finally addressed when Ashley started her canine buddy on GO! SOLUTIONS SENSITIVITIES Limited Ingredient Grain Free Pollock Recipe.

“Gavin has always been a picky eater, and he has always had a sensitive stomach, which meant he was continually underweight. About 1 ½ years ago Gavin was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. The struggle to find him a food that he would eat, that would agree with his stomach and put weight on him was stressful for me and him. I tried every kind of dog food out there, from raw food to kibble to dehydrated. I even tried veterinary prescription diets. I was switching brands every month, and nothing seemed to work. The various foods either upset his stomach, made him really itchy, or he just wouldn’t eat it. But then I found GO!.

Gavin has been eating GO! Pollock for six months now and we haven’t had any issues with his stomach or with itchiness. He loves the food and hasn’t missed a meal since switching over. He looks forward to every meal!

Gavin was so underweight that he was at risk for kidney failure, so it isn’t an exaggeration when I say that this food saved his life. Since starting on GO! he has put on 20 pounds and is now at his goal weight of 81 pounds.

We are truly grateful for GO!”