Dogs | Cats | August 16, 2016

Up-Cycling Pet Food Bags for the Garden and Outdoors


Here at Petcurean our staff members volunteer their efforts to help make us an earth-friendly company and everyone makes a committed effort to minimize the waste they generate by reducing consumption, reusing materials, and recycling or composting. We are always seeking options to make our dry pet food packaging environmentally friendly, while still maintaining product freshness and packaging durability and we source our dry pet food bags primarily from North America instead of overseas, which lowers our carbon footprint.

Here are a few ideas for up-cycling pet food bags in the garden and outdoors. Hey, every little bit helps!

  • Large dog and cat food bags can be used in the garden – a seasonal idea might be to use them for leaf mulch. Since they will stand up on their own, it’s easier to put the leaves in them.
  • Because they are sturdier and thicker, pet food bags are great to use for garden waste which might be thorny or which has sharp ends. Plastic garden bags will usually end up like Swiss cheese when used for this purpose. Large cat or dog food bags are also perfect airtight containers for collecting those noxious weeds that have no place in a compost bin; weeds such as dandelions, Scotch and Russian thistle, field bindweed, and others. Close the bag with the zip lock closures or clothes pins to prevent seed pods from escaping.
  • Staying in the garden, the bags can be sliced open to use as plastic sheeting as weed blocking plastic. Just pull the bulk of the weeds, lay down the bags (with the bottoms cut out and opened) and cover with mulch.
  • Pet food bags can be used as ‘grow bags’:
    Step 1: Remember to cut the bag open neatly at the top!
    Step 2: Use the dog food!
    Step 3: Fill the bags with good quality compost, fold and staple the top shut. Lay flat, like a pillow.
    Step 4: Punch neat holes in the underside with a sharp knife for drainage.
    Step 5: Cut 2 slits along the top from left to right. Do not cut too close to the edge of the bag.
    Step 6: Evenly space your plants, leaving about 15cm between each plant. Works well for tomatoes, cucumbers or salad greens.
  • Pet food bags cut open can be used as a barrier to protect your kitchen counter or potting bench when repotting plants.
  • To make a waterproof bag for camping equipment/firewood, turn the top edge over, and install a drawstring.
  • Cut the bag open and use as a waterproof mat in your car for muddy shoes.
  • Keep the bag intact and put in your car to store or transport dog blankets.
  • Cut the bag open and glue or sew together to use as a waterproof mat under sleeping bags when camping.

The possibilities for up-cycling pet food bags are endless. How many can you come up with? Email your ideas to [email protected]!