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Up-Cycling Pet Food Bags for the Household

Upcycling Pet Food Bags for the Household

We had such fun with our first blog on pet food bag upcycling that we decided to add a ‘Chapter 2’ with some of the ideas that you, our fans have suggested, as well as a couple of our own. It’s amazing what you can come up with if you just put a little thought into it. Here are a few more ideas for re-using your empty pet food bags in the home:

  • In years gone by, we wrapped packages we were mailing or sending by courier in newspaper or brown paper. Now you can just turn your clean pet food bag inside out and voila! … a great waterproof pouch for whatever you need to send.
  • Pet food bags with zip or velcro closures are great for storing things like paint brushes or stir sticks.
  • Bags with closures are also great as liners for indoor compost bins. Being waterproof they don’t let out any moisture and by zipping them shut you can keep out those pesky fruit flies!
  • Cut a bag open and lay it under your pets bedding for a waterproof barrier between the bed and your flooring.
  • Fill a zip closure bag with stuffing and use it as a kneeling pad for gardening.
  • Many people use pet food bags for wet kitty litter. Sprinkling the used baking soda, which has been keeping your fridge fresh, in between the layers of litter will help to keep the odour down.
  • You can use bags which have been cut open under your car for when you change the oil, or as drop sheets for painting.
  • If you use your freezer to store food for long periods of time, putting your food into a pet food bag provides an extra layer of protection from freezer burn.
  • Take a larger bag and insert an old bed pillow or cushion. Sew or seal closed and cover with an old pillowcase for a pet bed.
  • You can make a hanging organizer for wrapping-paper storage by making pockets in the front part of the bag, stitching or gluing the edges of the pockets to the back part of the bag and inserting a hanger at the top.
  • They can be sewed into re-usable grocery bags or ‘wet-gear’ bags. By lining them with extra fabric and using webbing (or recycled dog leashes) as handles.
  • When in need, use as a dirty laundry bag.

The possibilities are endless! If you have any ideas to share please send them into us at [email protected]