The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) recently made changes to nutrient requirements for pet food which take effect on January 1, 2018. With the new requirements, we had to make a number of changes to our GO! canned dog and cat food recipes.

The majority of the changes are minor with the exception of two recipes that underwent reformulation – GO! SENSITIVITY + SHINE™ Freshwater Trout + Salmon Pâté recipe for dogs and GO! DAILY DEFENCE™ Salmon Pâté recipe for dogs. As a result, these two products will be discontinued and new recipes will be launched in their place – GO! SENSITIVITY + SHINE Whitefish & Freshwater Trout Pâté recipe for dogs and GO! DAILY DEFENCE™ Whitefish & Salmon Pâté recipe for dogs.

The label colour on the cans for the replacement recipes will stay the same to help you identify these flavours that your dog already loves. We do not expect any changes in palatability, however with animals that are particularly sensitive, whitefish may change the smell of the recipe somewhat. The changes to the other recipes are minor tweaks so your dog/cat shouldn’t notice anything different!

For the recipes that have been impacted by these changes, you’ll start to see them at your local, independent retailer in January 2018. They may not all arrive at the same time as this is a staggered launch as we work through our inventory.