Introducing new and improved GO! SOLUTIONS™ SKIN + COAT CARE

Petcurean and our exclusive distributor Petjust continue to work closely together to bring Petcurean’s GO! and NOW FRESH products to our consumers in China. Part of this process is to officially register all products with the Chinese government authority, so we can provide Chinese consumers with peace of mind about the quality and authenticity of our products.

佩利安与中国大陆唯一代理商百加世一直保持紧密合作,将佩利安旗下GO!和NOW FRESH的产品呈现给中国广大用户。在GO!和NOW FRESH产品进入中国前,需要经过一系列中国官方注册,以保证所有进入中国市场的产品的安全、放心的品质。

Recently, our GO! line-up has gone through a brand update, and the new GO! SOLUTIONS™ packaging now looks different than the previous GO! packaging. While work is being done to register the new GO! SOLUTIONS™ in China, in the mean time our Chinese consumers will continue seeing the existing GO! packaging that they are accustomed to in the Chinese market.

佩利安现对GO!系列进行品牌升级,GO!将以GO SOLUTIONS™ 全新LOGO,升级的外包装和产品名称进入中国市场,同时引入一些新的配方。我们已经开始准备在中国政府注册这些新的配方和名称,但由于注册的准备以及政府审核是个漫长的过程, 目前在中国市场仍以现有的Go!配方和外包装进行销售。尽管外包装不同,中国市场销售的Go!产品成分和营养比例仍与全球市场保持一致。

Existing GO! Packaging in China 中国市场销售的GO!系列产品外包装

Existing GO! Packaging in China

New GO! SOLUTIONS™ Packaging GO! SOLUTIONS™ 系列包装


When will the new GO! SOLUTIONS™ be available in China?

全新GO! SOLUTIONS™ 系列 何时进入中国市场?

While we are working to have the new products officially registered with the Chinese government authority, we are not able to have an exact timeline of when the new products will be available.


What is the difference between existing GO! and GO! SOLUTIONS™?


GO! SOLUTIONS™ is a new brand identity for the GO! lineup. All existing GO! recipes that transitioned to GO! SOLUTIONS™ will have the same Guaranteed Analysis and Feeding Guidelines, while having an updated look to better communicate their benefits.

GO! SOLUTIONS™ 做为 GO! 系列的升级,在外包装上进行全面升级,旨在将产品信息更好地传达给消费者。GO! 系列所有的产品配方将被纳入GO! SOLUTIONS™ 系列,并保证同样的营养成分、功效及喂食指导。

If I have questions, who can I talk to?


Please contact Petjust tencent customer care no: 4008948904, or follow Petjust WeChat official number.

如有任何疑问,敬请咨询百加世客服电话:4008948904, 关注百加世官方微信号或访问百加世官方网站及Petcurean官方网站。

Tencent WeChat QR code of Petjust:

Tencent WeChat QR code of Petjust