Introducing GO! SOLUTIONS™

Petcurean and our exclusive distributor Petjust continue to work closely together to bring Petcurean’s GO! SOLUTIONS™ and NOW FRESH™ products to our consumers in China. Part of this process is to officially register all products with the Chinese government authority, so we can provide Chinese consumers with peace of mind about the quality and authenticity of our products.

佩利安与中国大陆市场独家代理商百加世一直保持紧密合作,将佩利安旗下GO!和NOW FRESH的产品带给中国广大用户。这其中一部分工作就是进行一系列中国政府注册,以保证中国消费者能够放心购买到佩利安出品的高质量原装正品。

In 2019, our GO! line-up has gone through a brand update, and the new GO! SOLUTIONS™ packaging looks different than the previous GO! packaging. While work is being done to register the new GO! SOLUTIONS™ in China, in the meantime our Chinese consumers will continue seeing the existing GO! packaging that they are accustomed to in the Chinese market.

在2019年,佩利安对GO!系列进行品牌升级,新品牌GO SOLUTIONS™的外包装与旧款的GO!不同。在我们向中国政府注册GO! SOLUTIONS™ 新品牌期间,中国消费者会继续在中国市场看到熟悉的旧款GO!包装的产品。

Existing GO! Packaging in China 中国市场销售的GO!系列产品外包装

Existing GO! Packaging in China

New GO! SOLUTIONS™ Packaging GO! SOLUTIONS™ 系列包装

New GO! Packaging in China


What is the difference between existing GO! and GO! SOLUTIONS™?


GO! SOLUTIONS™ is a new brand identity for the GO! line up. All existing GO! products that transition to GO! SOLUTIONS™ will have the same Guaranteed Analysis and Feeding Guidelines, while having an updated package to better communicate the product benefits.

GO! SOLUTIONS™是GO!系列的新品牌名称。所有现有的GO!产品过渡到GO! SOLUTIONS™以后,将保留同样的营养保证值、喂食量指导,仅将外包装进行升级,以更好地传达产品优点等信息。

Has the GO! Chicken Turkey Duck recipe for cats changed?


The recipe has NOT changed, only the packaging. The Guaranteed Analysis and Feeding Guidelines have not changed either.


The product currently available in China mainland market is GO! Fit + Free Chicken, Turkey, Duck Recipe for Cats and this is the same product available in other markets as GO! SOLUTIONS™ Carnivore Chicken, Turkey, Duck Recipe for Cats.

目前在中国大陆市场销售是的GO! Fit+Free Chicken, Turkey, Duck配方猫粮(译名:GO!健康无限系列无谷九种肉全猫粮),这与在其它市场销售的GO! SOLUTIONS Carnivore Chicken, Turkey, Duck配方猫粮(译名:GO! SOLUTIONS多肉系列无谷含鸡肉火鸡肉+鸭肉配方猫粮)是相同的产品。

When will the new GO! SOLUTIONS™ be available in China?

全新GO! SOLUTIONS™ 系列 何时进入中国市场?

The new GO! SOLUTIONS™ products have been officially registered with the Chinese government authority at end of 2020 and will be available in China very soon. During the coming transition period, Chinese consumers will see both GO! and GO! SOLUTIONS™ products in the market. Please bear in mind that they are same products in different packaging.

新品牌GO! SOLUTIONS™的中国政府注册程序已于2020年底完成,将很快进入中国市场。在即将到来的一段过渡期内,中国消费者会同时见到GO!和GO! SOLUTIONS™的产品在市场上销售。请留意两者是相同的产品,只是外包装不同。

If I have questions, who can I talk to?


Please contact Petjust customer care line: 4008948904, or follow Petjust WeChat official account “Petjust百加世”, or visit Petjust official website:


QR code of Petjust WeChat official account 百加世官方微信号二维码:

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